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Sharon Stone Fakes


Sharon Stone Fakes
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The Picture of Sharon Stone

When the whole life is just a fake, any fake can be more real than life. Sharon Stone looks so young again in this pic that we cannot even call it a parody. It is a sort of ode.

sharon stone looking so young again

  • “You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit.”
  • “The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.”
  • “Live! Live the wonderful life that is in you! Let nothing be lost upon you. Be always searching for new sensations. Be afraid of nothing.”
  • “The world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold. The curves of your lips rewrite history.”
  • “We women, as some one says, love with our ears, just as you men love with your eyes...”

Any of these Oscar Wilde's quotes can fit this amazing Sharon Stone nude image... As well as any of Emma Watson's adorable images, by the way.

Posted: 06:08, 2012-Nov-6
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Topless Smoker Sharon Stone

We do not actually know if real Sharon Stone ever takes a smoke, but they could have hardly made her fake double look sexier without offering her that cigarette...

sharon stone bares her tits and takes a smoking break

You may also compare Sharon to Gillian Anderson, very sexy and smoking, too.

Posted: 02:06, 2012-May-28
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Sharon Stone Nude On The Beach

No matter what she is meant to be in this fake, a porn model having a nude photo session on the beach, or just a nudist woman enjoying herself, Sharon Stone looks great here as she comes out of water and goes on walking towards us, all nude, and fresh, and wet, and so sexy.


nude sharon stone poses on the beach


Naked Angelina Jolie posing on the beach

Alyssa Milano nude beach fantasy


Posted: 04:14, 2012-Jan-12
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Sharon Stone Hot Pose

Imagine that Sharon Stone joins her knees and hides her breasts under her dress in this pic. Will she still look hot? We don't think so. She will look pretty and nice, she will even look sexy if some parts of her nude legs will stay revealed, but hot - hardly... No. So, what makes her look so exciting there? Of course, her nudity. And the pride and naturalness she demonstrates while posing in such a risqué situation.


sharon stone hot and provocative


Scarlett Johansson Hot


Posted: 03:50, 2011-Oct-20
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Sharon Stone Ass

Sharon Stone shows off both her ass and crotch in this fake. Lying on her side, she wriggles her body in a peculiar way to give us a better look at her thighs and private parts, including clit and asshole.

sharon stone ass and crotch


Alyssa Milano Ass


Posted: 02:18, 2011-Sep-26
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Sharon Stone Naked

When Sharon was asked to show something special, she did not think long. She quickly got undressed, having left only a pair of cuffed leather gloves on, jumped onto the table, took a glass of wine and started pouring her naked body with the icy liquid. "And if someone wants to lick it off my belly and pussy, I don't mind", smiled she.

sharon stone naked


Sarah Michelle Gellar Posing Naked

Posted: 02:01, 2011-Aug-16
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Sharon Stone Fucking

sharon stone fucking

We wonder, if Sharon could pass a total recall procedure, would she be able to restore this fucking episode in her memory? :)


Or can anyone remember seeing Jennifer Lopez Fucking?

Posted: 09:00, 2011-Jul-8
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Sharon Stone Sex

sharon stone sex

"Sharon Stone Sex". The writing on the image says, "This picture is a fake, not a real image. It had been made by FMH with a manipulation image software." We don't give a fuck! Even faked sex with Sharon Stone can make anyone crazy! Click for a bigger sample of this Sharon Stone Getting Fucked image, or proceed to compare Sharon's sex adventure to Jennifer Aniston Sex. They look a bit alike, don't they? :)

Posted: 22:49, 2011-Jun-8
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Sharon Stone Pussy

Fake Sharon Stone Pussy Pic. One more exploitation of the movie image of Sharon Stone showing off her pussy, however, much more explicit as compared to her sexy scene in Basic Instinct because you may not only cast a glance under Sharon Stone's skirt (or dress, to be exact), but fancy all of her pussy being fully exposed and widely stretched.


Courteney Cox Pussy


sharon stone pussy

Posted: 06:40, 2011-May-5
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Sharon Stone Butt

sharon stone butt


Sharon Stone Butt Fake. This glamorous ass is calling for attention! Have a look at one of the most impressive butts Sharon Stone has ever been presented with. Get very straight legs in white stockings and a piece of exposed cameltoe in addition! Perhaps, some butts of younger girls can look prettier (see Miley Cyrus ass, for example), but they will hardly vie for being more appealing with this Sharon Stone's butt (although, a fake one). By the way, this butt does not seem to be made of stone, does it? ;)


Posted: 02:08, 2011-Apr-11
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Sharon Stone Sucking Cock

sharon stone sucking cockSharon Stone Sucking Cock. A very provocative fake that features Sharon Stone performing a blowjob! Perhaps, some of us would like to see her younger here... Anyway, some skills get even better with age, and in this pic we may enjoy Sharon Stone starring as a pro cock sucker.



Sarah Michelle Gellar fake blowjob

Miley Cyrus doing oral


Posted: 01:54, 2011-Mar-28
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Sharon Stone Hot Fucking

sharon stone hot fucking fakeDon't you know that Sharon Stone is a champion in fucking? We do not mean Sharon Stone, a real person, but a movie star - the hot image created by Sharon Stone in her films. What else should we expect of an actress who has become world famous for one of the sexiest thrillers ever made? As a result, it is quite natural to see Sharon fucking a guy in a very hot fucking fake. CLICK HERE for a BIGGER sample! :)


Posted: 01:19, 2011-Feb-28
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Sharon Stone Nude

sharon stone nude fakeWhat makes us make these posts? The same thing that makes you read them. It's Basic Instinct. The thing that makes you mad to see Sharon Stone Nude, even more nude than in her famous movie.

Posted: 02:41, 2011-Feb-4
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